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Online Learning @ BCHS 

We might not be at our BCHS building but we are still live and ready to teach, support and love on our students.  During our school closure you can be assured your child is receiving the following:

  • Quality grade level instruction aligned to state standards

  • new assignments every day

  • Accommodations and modifications for support

  • Daily Communication with each of our teachers 

Components Of Our Remote Learning Plan 

Google Classroom 

BCHS teachers push out assignments each morning on google classroom with a due date.   On this platform students can watch lessons, submit work, ask questions and reach out to teachers. 

Zoom Meeting for Modeling and Explanation 

Teachers will use the zoom communication tool to teach lessons, have breakout sessions and support students through office hours. 

Teacher Office Hours 

Not only are teachers reaching out to students but each teacher has office hours each day where they are required to be avaiable for students to pop in, ask questions, and receive tutoring or extra help if needed. 

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